Keita Yamada

Born in 1994in Osaka, Japan.I believeweb designcan be morediverse and inspiring.With a missionto presentthe possibilitiesof web design,I am pursuingnew expressionsthrough experimentsand thoughts.

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    2020 Nominee
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How did you make the background effect in this website?

I used three.js to write WebGL faster and the background effect is written in glsl.
If you are interested in glsl, I recommend you to read The Book of Shaders.

Where can I find your code?

I have GitHub account but my projects (including this website) are private repository.

Can I use your code?

I don‘t allow anyone to use my code. I don‘t wanna say such thing but I got too much questions about that.

How did you learn web frontend and WebGL/glsl ?

By reading books and articles on the internet.
Here is a list of web pages I recommend to read.

three.js examples
The Book of Shaders
three.js journey

What libraries do you use?

GSAP for creating animations.
three.js for writing WebGL code.
Tweakpane for tuning parameters.
Alpine.js is my favorite JavaScript framework.